Travel Copenhagen Guide

Copenhagen's history as a ship-building center has been left behind. While the world no longer turns to the Danish capital for the latest in maritime technology, they do look to this city as a continued source of cultural and intellectual development.

Denmark's capital city Copenhagen stands straddling a pair of islands, and its quality universities have swung like a pendulum through the past several centuries, enduring social and political change within the capital. Copenhagen's music academy is a major draw for some of the world's most dedicated musicians, with young and talented students coming from around the globe to receive world-class instruction in their instruments. In addition to fine programs in the arts, Copenhagen's universities also offer outstanding business and technical degrees.

The quality of education here has allowed Danes to keep up with the changes of modern times, and the city enjoys a booming economy and optimistic civic culture. A recently opened subway is one sign of the positive changes coming to the city. Copenhagen has a unique attitude towards bicycles. If you wanted to, you could ride everywhere you want to go in the city, without purchasing or renting a bike. In Copenhagen, bikes are left unlocked, considered community property, and through all four seasons you need only grab the one closest to you and speed off. Of course, winter months make this a less appealing option, so travelers who find themselves in this city in the winter will be happy to have the subway as a warm transportation option.

The mixture of high-mindedness and frankness found in Copenhagen residents leads to fascinating experimentation within the arts. Few cities have both the sense of fun and the technical skill to pull off an event such as opera in the nude, but Copenhagen is one such city. More conventional pleasures found within the city limits include a rabid group of sports leagues which play football, rugby and Australian football. Copenhagen is also known for its open-minded, dangerously fun nightlife, and a party is sure to be catching its second wind somewhere at any hour of the day. There is little social stigma attached to drinking in this city, and downing a few pints may actually be a necessary step in getting to know its residents.

Despite its rowdy bent, Copenhagen is anything but a city of drunks and football hooligans. The city's vibrant jazz venues welcome annual festivals and some of the world's top-notch jazz performers. The Michelin guide's Copenhagen listings are numerous enough to form two or three expensive and delicious walking tours, and a growing population of immigrants supplies new forms of art and cuisine.

Perched between Europe and Scandinavia, modern life and its past, Copenhagen is a city in transformation that will surely greet visitors with memorable experiences and friendly faces. With a population just topping half a million and a commitment to pedestrian-friendly city planning, Copenhagen is also a popular destination for expats, as it offers a very high standard of living, albeit not without expense.


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