Travel Finland Guide

A Nordic Country, Finland is widely un-visited due to its cool weather and virtually un-known by the rest of the world. Finland is a beautiful country filled with thousands of pristine lakes, an island archipelago, seemingly endless forests and a dramatic coastline. The Finnish people are as beautiful as their land, and friendly and the standard of living in Finland is one of the best in the world. The Finnish people enjoy a progressive health care and taxation system, high wages and quality education. Why is it, then, that you have never been?

Though Finland does experience long, dark winters; this means that summers in Finland are that much better. Long, warm days bless the gorgeous Finnish countryside in summer as the cooped-up residents bound to the many lakes, beaches, islands and many other scenic resort areas found throughout the country. Meadows are awash with wild flowers and berries, and rosy-cheeked blond children frolic through the wooded hills. Sound like a fairy tale? Experience it for yourself. More and more Europeans are exploring Finland by renting one of the country's many rustic country cabins during summer holidays.

Though summers in Finland are lovely and welcoming, Finland is also an ideal place to spend Christmas. White, fluffy snow is guaranteed during this three-day long celebration which the Finnish take quite seriously. Finnish Christmas includes a traditional parade and a selection of a "St. Lucia" on Lucia day, December 13. Traditional foods are served throughout these celebratory weeks and include ginger cakes, rice pudding, pickled herring, salted salmon, turkey, row and an endless series of delicious and decadent pies and pastries.

The Finnish people are truly art fanatics, and there is no lack of public art, museums and gorgeous architecture to be found in Finland. Most recently, the Finnish have become known for their unique and stylish interior decorating styles, and Finnish furniture and art is in high demand throughout the world. The artistic sense of the Finnish seeps out into their everyday lives and visitors will find art around every corner in Finnish towns and cities. Finnish literature and film are recognized around the world for their innovation and creativity. Art lovers around the world will find their visit to Finland satisfyingly filled with museum-visits, unique objects d'art and intriguing public displays of creativity.

Finland has long been over-looked by travelers due to its unfortunate Northern location, but visitors to Finland will be pleasantly surprised by its beauty, liveliness and fun, creative atmosphere.

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