Bordeaux Granite Guide Best Granite in Bordeaux

Bordeaux granite is, surprise, one of the best places see and even buy Bordeaux Granite.

Granite is one of the most versatile and sturdy building materials. Granite is made up of quartz, feldspars, micas and other minerals, and the proportions of these different minerals create a variety of colors and patterns within the granite. The materials are in a liquid form when bonded together, giving the granite a fluid appearance.

Bordeaux granite is a specific style of granite that is a mixture of cream, orange, brown and black-like a calico cat or an aerial picture taken of a dry planet. Though named after the region in France where it gained its popularity, most Bordeaux granite actually comes from Spain or Brazil.

Slabs of Bordeaux granite, usually about 2" thick, are imported in large quantities and are a popular material for flooring, counter tops and bathroom accessories. Because they are naturally colorful, Bordeaux granite slabs can add color and contrast to a kitchen or bathroom without being obtrusive.

Also, granite is easy to care for and clean, with a solid glassy surface. In addition to its stylish nature, granite is a sturdy building material and is often used to build very large structures. Though pricey, a granite slab will be an eternally pleasing addition to your home.