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France is a very naturist-friendly country; and topless-ness at beaches is the norm, rather than the exception. You will find topless bathers at most beaches in France, some more than others. Every beach in the French Riviera is an acceptable topless beach, though in Nice and Cannes, many people leave their bikini tops on. Nudist beaches are also common in France, though this is not treated in the same way as topless-ness. Unlike regular French beaches, in which topless-ness is generally accepted, nudist beaches are designated.

For those who wish to bare all, there is an entire nudist community in the South of France called Cap d'Agde. Though a regular city, Cap d'Agde has a segregated and, literally, gated nudist area. Within this area, full nudity is not just encouraged, it is required. This village can be reached most easily from the Montpellier airport, from where you can catch a bus or train to Agde. From the town of Agde, you may take a bus or taxi to the nudist quarter.

The gated nudist quarter requires an entrance card which costs around 9€. Within the quarter you will find everything you need; you may not want to leave. Nudist restaurants, cinemas, beaches and hotels can all be found here. There are strict rules in order to ensure a family atmosphere and a high level of comfort; though the nightlife does lean toward the kinky end of the spectrum; the beaches are clean and friendly.

Whether dropping your top, or going all out, you will surely feel comfortable in your skin in France. Remember to apply sunblock to those sensitive areas and remember; nobody notices you as much as you do, so relax, you're in France!
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